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Manufacturing Advanced Telescope Products.

If it Has a Motor, it's On Sale!

15% Discount on all JMI Products
(Except Telescopes)

...valid through the end of April

* Includes Train-N-Track, Event Horizon Focusers,
MOTOFOCUS and Motorized Wheeley Bars.
Also includes Smart Focus and PC Focus Control
if purchased with a matching motor product.
Enter Code MOTOR15
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Sale is ACTIVE April 5 through 30
START Wed April 5, 2017 at 2:30 pm (MDT)
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** Discounts will NOT be shown in the Shopping Cart but all
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NOTE: This is an Internet-only Sale on Specific JMI Products.
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Start Planning
for August 21, 2017

Photo Credit: NASA/SDO
Feb 21 2012


Red-tag sales
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GSO Mirrors Now Available from JMI



JMI Prices Include Shipping*
and we don't add handling charges!

* Free shipping is for domestic orders within the
48 contiguous states of the United States.  All
other shipping charges are heavily discounted.
Free shipping does not apply to telescope orders.


Train-N-Track for Select Alt-Az Mounts

The Train-N-Track (TNT) system is a basic alt-azimuth
motor drive system with adjustable or trainable
tracking.  A simple 30-second training procedure
allows the scope to track for 10 minutes or more.

Now Available for
Astro-Tech Voyager Mount
Explore Scientific Twilight I Mount
Meade LightBridge 8, 10, 12 and 16
Vixen Porta and Porta II Mounts

Image by Luc Caron taken December 17, 2011 in Canada using a 12" LightBridge with TNT, a Ploss 17mm eyepiece with 2x Barlow, a Canon Powershot camera at 4x Zoom in digiscoping mode.  Took a 2 minute movie then aligned and piled 1700 poses with Registax.

Canon Powershot in afocal mounting on an 8mm Celestron eyepiece on a Meade LightBridge 12.
Photo extracted from video and stacked with Registax.  "It's amazing how the TNT can keep
Jupiter in the field of view during the picture sessions." (Luc Caron)

Order a FREE DVD on our JMI Binocular Telescopes and get
a $250 Credit toward the purchase of one of these scopes!
(The $250 credit is valid for six months only.  Some models showcased on this DVD have been replaced by a newer model, the Second Generation Reverse Binocular Telescope or SGB.)

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As always, we will NEVER rent or sell your information to ANYONE!  And we're not going to bug you with constant solicitations.  The subject line will be very clear about what is included in the email so you can make a quick decision whether or not to open and read it.  Each email will be simple and to-the-point, featuring a sale that you may not otherwise be aware of and more information on that featured product.  Send your request to sales@jmitelescopes.com

Reverse Binocular Telescopes
There's Nothing Like Them!

Click on a picture...

Toni & Daphne Hallas
Upgrading from a 10"
to a 14.5" RB Scope
The 10" Reverse
Binocular Telescope
The 6" RB-66
Being Placed in a
Carrying Case
Jim Burr with the
16", 10" and 6"
Reverse Binoculars

Here's what people are saying...

"I have had more aesthetic pleasure in three nights with the 10" Bino's than I had in a year with my 25" scope."  Tony Hallas (just before he sold his 25" scope)

"A professor and several of us serious astronomers spent the night trying to find words to describe what we were seeing.  We were dumbstruck, blown away, astonished...it's unspeakable.  The views are beyond the power of mere mortals to put into words.  The RB-10 changes everything.  It is the greatest piece of optical equipment I've ever looked through."  Paul Carmody (He traded up from a 10" to a 14.5" Reverse Binocular)

"The RB-10's continue to be the premier observational instrument for deep sky work in our award-winning astronomy program.  It astounds absolutely everyone who sees it -- beginners and seasoned observers alike.  Whenever the RB-10's come out, attendance at the lab night events doubles!  The detail and resolution afforded by viewing with both eyes makes it possible for my students to appreciate and seriously study subtle structures in deep sky objects like nebula and galaxies that other scopes only hint at.  I plan on retiring in a few years and I hope to purchase a set for myself when I do - After using these for all this time, the night sky wouldn't be the same without them!"  Daniel E. Barth, PhD (Associate Professor - Astronomy / Physics, Mt. San Jacinto College / Tahquitz High School)

"Tell Jim I'm a 'Happy Camper!'  I've looked through hundreds of telescopes in my life and I had never seen the nebulosity around Merope until I used the RB-10, and there it was plainly in site, visually."  Tony Hallas (in a phone call to JMI)

"It's a home run with bases loaded....  The most outstanding scope I've ever used."  Ralph Holt (commenting on his RB-14.5)

"The Binoviewer is better than using a single eyepiece but viewing through JMI's Reverse Binocular is 10 times better than a Binoviewer."  Stan McDonald (using an RB-10)

"My neighbor, who owns a 17.5" Dob, saw M31 [in the RB-10] and went home muttering something about never looking through a regular telescope again."  Tony Hallas

"The West Yorkshire Astronomical Society, Pontefract, England, recently purchased a pair of 6-inch reverse binoculars following some outstanding reports about them.  I have to say that everyone using them has been staggered by the improvement they give in the general view of the heavens.  The old saying of 'seeing is believing' is very appropriate.  I cannot describe the improvement in the view, you would really have to look for yourself.  Thank you JMI for another outstanding product."  Kevin Read (FRAS, Chairman WYAS)

"The [RB-10] bino's are the best thing to happen to astronomy since Galileo."  William Hildebrandt

"The huge RB-10 is such a thrill I cannot imagine ever buying a regular telescope again.  There is nothing, nothing, nothing like them."  Tony Hallas (before upgrading to an RB-14.5)

"After using the 14.5" Reverse Binocular, I feel a connection with this universe like never before.  This is nothing short of a magnificent piece of optical engineering.  It is superb in every aspect!  [It is] worth every penny and much more.  No one who sets their sights on these will ever be disappointed. ...[We] took a look through them and then at one another.  We had to gain our composer and then try to find the words for what we had just seen;  "Unspeakable" was about the closest we could come. ...  My advice to any serious astronomer is to get these whatever you have to do.  If you want something bad enough, and this is well worth it, then make the resolve.  My aperture fever is finally cured....this is the end of my long search and it's taken almost 50 years."  Paul Carmody

"The RB-10 is primarily a deep space scope.  I have used it to look at galaxy clusters with absolutely breathtaking results.  Imagine seeing four or five 12th magnitude galaxies hanging as if suspended in mid-air!!  You can see the wake of the Swan Nebula without a filter.  The view of Hartley 2 as it passed the Double Cluster was absolutely 3D.  So I was a bit surprised to see the Great Red Spot on Jupiter so clearly from the Okie-Tex Star Party.  Field of view for this scope can be determined by considering that it is just two 10" f/4.7 scopes, so you can use the normal formula....  The included 25mm eyepieces deliver about 48x magnification.  Using a higher power only means the needed  'tweaking' or rather 'refining' takes a few extra seconds (that's right, seconds).  Remember everything is motorized!"  Tom Johnston (Production Manager, JMI)

"From the RTMC location at Big Bear, the RB-16 was showing detail in the dark lanes between the arms of M51.  After our eyes became dark adapted it started to look like one of Tony Hallas' posters."  Tom Johnston (Production Manager, JMI)

Order NOW!
Go ahead, put some life back into your nightlife!