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Power PAC Products

7 Ah Power PAC
12-volt, 7 amp-hr
Battery Pack


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21 Ah Power PAC
12-volt, 21 amp-hr
Battery Pack


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for 7 or 21 amp-hr
Power PAC


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Rechargeable Power PACs

The Power PAC (Power And Convenience) attaches easily to any Universal-style Wheeley Bars and, with the slotted mounting tabs, it can also be easily attached to other equipment.  The Power PAC has two versions, a 7.0 amp-hour unit and a 21.0 amp-hour unit.  Output options include a standard 12vDC cigarette lighter power jack and a barrel 12vDC power jack.  An automatic reset circuit breaker is included.  The batteries are charged by plugging the included 110vAC/60Hz to 12vDC wall adapter into the barrel jack.

Maintenance-free Rechargeable Power Packs
7.0 Amp-Hour Battery Pack:  One 12vDC, 7ah battery,  Part Number PWRPAC7
21.0 Amp-Hour Battery Pack:  Three 12vDC, 7ah batteries in parallel,  Part Number PWRPAC21

Power PAC mounted on Universal-style Wheeley Bars

What is an Ampere-Hour?

The Ampere (amp) is a unit of measure of electrical current (or flow).  Batteries are often measured in ampere-hours to show the total amount of electrical current capacity.  The easiest way to understand this rating is to remember that a device drawing 1 amp from a fully charged 7 amp-hr battery will run 7 hours.  If the same battery was drained at 7 amps, it would last about 1 hour.

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