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6" Tabletop Newtonian


See Pricing and
Shipping Notes

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Tabletop Telescope
  Light Weight (Grab-it-and-go, easy to transport at about 20 pounds)
  Mostly Aluminum
  20mm Eyepiece Included (Optional Zoom Eyepiece Upgrade available)
  Red-dot Finder
  Altitude-Azimuth Tabletop Tripod Mount
  Telescope:  Newtonian reflector
  Mount:  Alt-Azimuth on a tabletop tripod
  Mirrors:  6" f/4 Primary, 1.8" Secondary
  Telescope Weight:  18 lbs
  Telescope Dimensions:
    Tube Length = 21"
    Height (optical tube at horizontal position) = 21"
    Width = 18" (tip-to-tip distance of tripod feed)
    Shipping Box for Telescope System = 30" x 18" x 10"
    Shipping Box for Telescope and Carrying Case = L?" x W?" x H?" ?
Standard Equipment

Focuser:  Orion 1.25" Rack-and-Pinon

  Eyepiece:  20mm (Optional Zoom Eyepiece Upgrade available)
  Red-dot Finder Scope
Product Manual
  Document Number ??
Pricing and Shipping Notes
  Telescope Price is for the standard telescope configuration.  Upgrades, Accessories and Shipping are at additional cost.
  Shipping Charges are not included in the listed price.  Please call for a shipping quote.
  Telescopes are not usually kept in stock and therefore require time to build.

TT Optional Upgrades

Chrome Mount
Upgrade Mount
from Paint to Chrome

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Chrome Mount Upgrade for TT-6

Upgrade the TT-6 mount from silver-vein powder-coated-epoxy finish on aluminum to chrome-plated aluminum.

Tube Art
Upgrade Optical Tube from Paint to Pictures

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Tube Art Upgrade for TT-6

Upgrade the TT-6 optical tube's outer surface from the silver-vein powder-coated-epoxy finish to pictures of celestial objects.

This images shows both Chrome Mount and Tube Art upgrades.
Zoom Eyepiece
Replace the standard
eyepiece with a
Zoom Eyepiece


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Zoom Eyepiece Upgrade for TT-6

Upgrade the TT-6 standard eyepiece to a (Celestron, Meade or Orion) Zoom Eyepiece.

TT Optional Accessories

Carrying Case
for TT-6



This case holds the entire telescope system.  The following parts must be separated from each other:  Optical tube, single-arm mount and tripod legs.

Carrying Case Open

6" Tabletop Telescope with Chrome Mount and Tube Art options

6" Tabletop Telescope with Chrome Mount and Tube Art options
6" Tabletop Telescope with Chrome Mount and Tube Art options

Basic 6" Tabletop Telescope with Alt-Az tripod mount

Basic 6" Tabletop Telescope with Alt-Az tripod mount

What is the Tabletop Telescope?

The Tabletop Telescope is intended to be an affordable, light-weight, good-looking, set-up-anywhere, introductory telescope for the average consumer who is new to astronomy and the veteran wanting a quick look.

What is an Alt-Az Mount?

The tabletop telescope includes an altitude-azimuth mount.  Altitude-azimuth is sometimes abbreviated as alt-azimuth or just alt-az.  An alt-az mount moves in altitude (up and down) on a horizontal axis and in azimuth (left and right) on a vertical axis like a gun turret on a tank.  By comparison, an equatorial mount is essentially an alt-az mount that is tilted to match your latitude, allowing a telescope to track the stars with the addition of a simple clock drive.  Both types of mounts have their advantages.  Which one is best for a particular situation depends mostly on how one intends to use the telescope.

Customer Comments

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