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Nightrider Wedge
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What is a Nightrider Wedge?

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Nightrider Wedge Products

Nightrider Wedge
for 8" to 11" SCTs
8" to 11" SCTs


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Nightrider Wedge
for 12" SCTs
12" SCTs


Nightrider Wedge
for 14" SCTs
14" SCTs


Nightrider Wedge for 8" to 11" Cassegrain Scopes

Celestron 8" to 11" Cassegrain Scopes* and associated mounts; Meade 8" to 11" Cassegrain Scopes and associated mounts

You might also be interested in our Nightrider Tripod for 8" to 11" SCTS and "Speed Dial" drill adapter for quickly adjusting leveling screws on any Wheeley Bars.

* The current version does not fit the Celestron CPC.

This images shows the Nightrider Wedge on a JMI Nightrider Tripod and supporting a Meade LX200 11" telescope.

What is a Nightrider Wedge?

The Nightrider is a truly innovative wedge that is easy to use.  To adjust the altitude all you need to do is release the two brake knobs, turn the adjustment screw then reapply the brakes.  The simple design includes bearings similar to a typical Dobsonian telescope.

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