Event Horizon (EV) Focuser Bases for
Explorer Scientific Crayford Focuser Replacement

If you are planning on replacing an Explorer Scientific Crayford Focuser with one of our Event Horizon (EV) Focusers, you will need to determine the version of the Explorer Scientific focuser in order to choose the correct EV Base for mounting our focuser.

The first step is to determine the Version of the Explorer Scientific (ES) focuser as documented here.  The picture below shows two ES focusers.  Compare the base of the focusers.  The one on the left has no lip.  The one on the right has a lip (indentation) at the bottom of the base.

Explorer Scientific Crayford Focusers, Version 1 (left) and Version 2 (right)

Version 2 Showing an Indentation or Lip at the Bottom of the Base

After determining the version you have, pick the base (shown below) that will fit the version you have.

Version 1

Version 2

Select an image above to see a larger picture.
ES at the end of the part numbers EV-BASES and EV.BASES signifies Explorer Scientific (Version 1)
LS at the end of the part numbers EV-BASLS and EV.BASLS signifies Lunt Solar (Explorer Scientific Version 2)
(These designations show what the bases were originally designed for.)

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