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Refurbished Equipment

Only One Scope Available

REFURBISHED NGT-18 Telescope (S/N 34, 1991)
Priced at $6,250 (plus shipping)
 REDUCED   (Updated 03/16/15)
Excellent Condition
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged NGT18 when placing order.
NOTE:  This is NOT a Go-To Version of the NGT-18 as seen
              in our online store at
NGT-18 Telescope.








Parts Inventory

Two Available

Forks and Mounting Ring for 12" Dobsonian-Style Scope

Cast Aluminum forks and mounting ring in three parts (forks bolt to ring)

Build a Cool 12" Dob with these Forks!
$99 (plus shipping)  REDUCED   (Updated 12/16/14)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged Fork Mount when placing order.


Display Equipment

Only One Available

RB-66 6" Reverse Binocular Telescope

NEVER USED.  In showroom for 11 years (Dealer went out of business).
The scope has been completely refurbished
same as New!
Includes used Carrying Case that is scuffed up and has a broken latch but is
     completely usable.
$1,995 (plus shipping)
 SOLD  (Updated 03/16/15)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged RB-66 when placing order.


Inventory Clearance

Multiple Available

Polar Scope with Constellation Reticle

These Polar Scopes are off-center by varying degrees and two have what looks like paint chips in the reticle.

esigned for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
Includes standard 1/4-20 thread for LED Reticle Illuminator.
Reticle Illuminator and Mounting Hardware NOT included.
Reticle Epoch Lines are outdated but usable (1990, 2000, 2010).

The first picture at left shows two polar scopes (with and without protective cap and showing the loose mounting ring in two different positions).  The second picture shows the reticle.

$14 (plus shipping)
 (Updated 03/17/15)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged Polar Scope when placing order.

The polar scope
allows a telescope to be quickly and easily aligned with the North or South pole.  Once mounted, a time consuming initial alignment must be made using the star drift method (except when installed on a Losmandy G11 or similar telescope which has the proper size mounting hole and threads machined into the mount).  All subsequent alignments will be as good as this initial alignment but far less time consuming.  To do an alignment, you simply rotate the scope to align the constellation reticle with your naked eye view of the sky then adjust the telescope mount to align two stars with the reticle.


Inventory Clearance

Only One Available

30" NTT-30 Folded Newtonian Alt-Az Telescope

The picture at left shows only part of the scope with the wrong truss rods
     (incorrect length).  See an assembled NTT-30 here.
The scope will be assembled largely from the current inventory of parts,
     to advertised NTT-30 spec's except as noted below.
Will include the Vixen SkySensor 2000 PC Go-To Computer.
The computer is upgradable (at additional cost) to the StellarCAT
     ServoCAT Jr. Track/GOTO with NGC-superMAX (Argo Navis™)
     Go-To computer.  (See the NGT-18 spec's for more information on the
     ServoCAT Jr. and Argo Navis computers.)
$65,000 (plus crating and shipping)
 (Added 09/10/14)
($20,000 Off Normal Retail)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged NTT-30 when placing order.


Extreme Discount with Purchase of any JMI Product

Only One of Each Available (plus used one of each included FREE)

Dell Toner and Drum for Dell 1720 Laser Printer

3000 page Black Toner GR299 (Mfr Part #MW559, Part #310-8706)
Imaging Drum TJ987 (Mfr Part #MW685, Dell Part #310-8710)
Toner is New, Box is Unopened
Drum Installed in a malfunctioning printer to verify that the printer was bad
Basically brand new Dell products (Original Purchase Price $169.04)
Includes FREE Used Toner and Used Drum (same part no's) in excellent condition!
$99 when shipped with a regular JMI Purchase
 (Added 09/08/14)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged Dell Toner & Drum when placing order.


Prototype Equipment

Only One Available

JMI Gold-Anodized NGF Focuser

Includes Slow-motion Knob and 1.25" Adapter
10" Radius base for approximately 20" diameter scope
$175 (plus shipping)
 (Updated 03/17/15)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged Gold Focuser when placing order.


Used for Product Development

Only One Available

Pelican Carrying Case with Foam for Classic NexStar 8

Pelican Case has JMI Foam for Classic (Original) Celestron NexStar 8
Celestron Scope (shown) NOT INCLUDED!
$179 plus shipping
 (Update 03/17/15)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged Pelican Case when placing order.


Old Version

Two Available

JMI Carrying Case for an LX90

May have scuff marks, Older version
$175 plus shipping
 (Updated 03/17/15)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged LX90 Case when placing order.



Two Available

Celectron Zoom Eyepiece

New (Open Box)
Zoom from 8mm to 24mm, FOV 40-60°, Model #93230

$49.95 (each) plus shipping  (Added 07/21/14)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged Zoom Eyepiece when placing order.


FREE with Purchase

Only One Pair Available

FREE HP Inkjet Printer Ink

One 54 BLACK cartridge and one 22 TRI-COLOR cartridge
NEW and FREE with Purchase to FIRST REQUESTOR
$0 when shipped with a regular JMI purchase  (Added 01/06/14)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged INK when placing order.


Used Equipment on Consignment (customer retiring and moving to the city)
Only One Scope Available

RB-14.5 Reverse Binocular

Excellent Condition
Includes Standard Equipment
$10,995 plus Crating and Shipping  (Updated 08/22/14)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged RB-14.5 when placing order.


Prototype Binocular Telescope
Only One Scope Available

Prototype 12" JMI Binocular Telescope  (Updated 06/04/13)
16" telescope design with 12" f/5.0 Primary Mirrors
$6,400 plus crating and shipping
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged 12" Bino when placing order.



Call or eMail JMI with inquiries or to purchase any of these sale items.