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Demo Equipment

Only One Available

Meade LightBridge 12" Telescope

Show Demo Scope, GoTo and Tracking Ready
Like New (pre-drilled holes for GoTo and Tracking system), In-The-Box
$799 plus shipping  (Added 04/10/14)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged LightBridge when placing order.


Refurbished Equipment

Only One Scope Available

REFURBISHED NGT-18 Telescope (S/N 34, 1991)
Priced at $8,950 (plus shipping)  (Updated 02/28/14)
Excellent Condition
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged NGT18 when placing order.

NOTE:  This is NOT a Go-To Version of the NGT-18 as seen
              at the
NGT-18 Telescope link here and above.







FREE with Purchase

Only One Pair Available

FREE HP Inkjet Printer Ink

One 54 BLACK cartridge and one 22 TRI-COLOR cartridge
NEW and FREE with Purchase to FIRST REQUESTOR
$0 when shipped with a regular JMI purchase  (Added 01/06/14)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged INK when placing order.


Used Equipment on Consignment (customer retiring and moving to the city)
Only One Scope Available

RB-14.5 Reverse Binocular

Excellent Condition
Includes Standard Equipment
$10,000 plus Crating and Shipping  (Added 03/20/13)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged RB-14.5 when placing order.


Prototype Binocular Telescope
Only One Scope Available

Prototype 12" JMI Binocular Telescope  (Updated 06/04/13)
16" telescope design with 12" f/5.0 Primary Mirrors
$6,400 plus crating and shipping
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged 12" Bino when placing order.



Call or eMail JMI with inquiries or to purchase any of these sale items.