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New, Used, Refurbished and Prototype Equipment

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Used Equipment

One Available

Orion LaserMate Deluxe Laser Collimator

Used, scuffed housing
$45 (plus shipping)
(Added 04/01/16)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged Laser Collimator when placing order.


Estate Sale Consignment


6" f/4 Parabolic Mirrors

New, never been used
$75 each (plus shipping)
(Added 11/25/15)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged 6' Mirror when placing order.


Used for Product Development

One Available

GSO 8" f/6 Parabolic Mirrors

This mirror matches JMI's GSO Mirror specs except that
   it is not new and it does not come with a secondary mirror.
The mirror surface is OK, just a little dirty.
$119 each (plus shipping)
(Updated 02/29/15)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged 8" Mirror when placing order.


Discontinued Parts

Eleven Available (Separately or as a Lot)

Black Knurled Knobs

Black-anodized, extruded aluminum
Knobs fit on 0.187" shaft with a 4-40 setscrew
is straight (for belt/o-ring) and crisscrossed (for fingers)
Flat surface on back side and concave surface on front side
$7 each or Make an Offer (plus shipping)
(Updated 11/25/15)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged Knobs when placing order.


Used Equipment

One Available

Meade Tabletop Wedge

Used, slightly scuffed
(plus shipping)
(Updated 09/30/15)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged Wedge when placing order.


Inventory Clearance

Only One Available

30" NTT-30 Folded Newtonian Alt-Az Telescope

The picture at left shows only part of the scope with the wrong truss rods
     (incorrect length).  See an assembled NTT-30 here.
The scope will be assembled largely from the current inventory of parts,
     to advertised NTT-30 spec's except as noted below.
Will include the Vixen SkySensor 2000 PC Go-To Computer.
The computer is upgradable (at additional cost) to the StellarCAT
     ServoCAT Jr. Track/GOTO with NGC-superMAX (Argo Navis™)
     Go-To computer.
$65,000 (plus crating and shipping)
 (Added 09/10/14)
($20,000 Off Normal Retail)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged NTT-30 when placing order.


Prototype Binocular Telescope
Only One Scope Available

Prototype 12" JMI Binocular Telescope
16" telescope design with 12" f/5.0 Primary Mirrors
$6,200 plus crating and shipping
  REDUCED   (Updated 02/15/16)
Contact JMI and mention Red-tagged 12" Bino when placing order.



Call or eMail JMI with inquiries or to purchase any of these sale items.